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mission and vision

Our mission at inetmedia technologies is to provide internet & intranet application development & Graphic design Solution (Visual communication solutions) with an affordable price to our clients. We work to create new opportunities for our clients in both online marketing and recognition.

Our firm is not the largest or the most recognized, yet we still continue to provide excellent solutions for our client's needs. We treat every client with the same level of consideration and respect regardless of the size of the project. Our clients are well satisfied from our services; as a result most of our new projects are by referral.

inetmedia technologies develops web application programs to improve business efficiency by computerizing business transactions, data acquisition, and data management.

inetmedia technologies delivers comprehensive web solutions including custom website design & hosting, online branding, e-commerce, intranet / extranet applications, database integration and web automation according to our years of expertise and our clients' needs and objectives.

We develop Web-based custom applications for businesses needing to streamline daily business operations. Our developers empower our clients by simplifying the software development process and product. We have developers proficient in Apache, Linux, Unix, NT, IIS, and Sun.

Our developers code in ASP, ASP.NET, Cold fusion using SQL, MYSQL and Oracle. Our solutions help minimize redundancy when dealing with customer data, order entry, order tracking and other daily processes.

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